Cinnamtannin B1 – CAS 88082-60-4


Cinnamtannin B1 (CAS 88082-60-4) is an A-type trimer proanthocyanidin (PAC) isolated from the bark of Cinnamomum trees. Cinnamon bark was widely utilized in the treatment and/or prevention of diseases. It was hypothesized that the positive health benefits of consuming cinnamon may be due to its phenolic composition. PACs are the major polyphenolic component in cinnamon. Cinnamon predominantly contains A-type procyanidins, of which trimers are the dominant group. Tetramer content is roughly 20% of the trimer content.

Nutraceutical supplements are primarily produced from the verum, burmanni, and cassia varieties of cinnamon. In vitro research indicates that this proanthocyanidin is a cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor.

For the standardization of cinnamon extracts, Planta Analytica provides a set of seven reference standards including Aesculitannin A, Cassiatannin A, Cassiatannin B, Cinnamtannin B1, Cinnamtannin D1, Lindetannin, and Parameritannin A-1.

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Cinnamtannin B-1





Storage Temperature

Below -18 degrees C

Storage Conditions

Dry, freezer

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Products are sold as laboratory reference materials, to be used for diagnostic and in vivo testing. The samples are not certified for veterinary or human use. 

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250 - 499 milligram$31.00 / milligram
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