Natural Flavors Profiling

When discussing natural flavors, a major topic recently has been natural low-calorie sweeteners. With the market trending away from full sugar beverages, the use of natural sweeteners, such as stevia, monk fruit, and yacon, has exploded in popularity. However, for all their benefits, natural sweeteners have their drawbacks. One of the challenges working with natural sweeteners is that they are made up of complex mixtures of components. Each component imparts unique flavor properties.  Our natural flavors profiling services can help you ensure that your natural flavors and sweeteners offer consistent flavor through accurate analysis of the component ratios. Additionally, with a precise knowledge of the component distribution, you can predictably fine tune your product flavor.

Planta Analytica has developed a strong set of analytical methods for thorough profiling of various natural flavors. We can support you from your agronomic cultivar studies, all the way through your batch-to-batch quality control. 

Dried stevia leaves natural flavors profiling

Natural Flavors Prolfing: SERVICE Highlights

High-quality analytics gives you precise control over your flavor profile. Our analytical methods  provide accurate and reproducible composition data for various natural flavors. Whether you are exploring natural distributions of compounds in extracts at low concentrations, or tuning your commercial product, have confidence in the quality of your data.

Comprehensive Analytics

Our analytical methods offer high resolution and sensitivity to help you monitor multiple targets at once. Methods can be tailored for complex mixtures with greater than 15 target compounds.

Range of Detectors

Although UV-DAD is suitable in most cases, we can offer parallel detection with MS and ELSD for difficult to detect products.

Fast Turnaround Times

Don't wait for time sensitive analysis. We ensure short lead times for our routine flavor profiling services, so you have the data to make the important decisions.

In-Stock Reference Standards

For our routine analytical methods, we carry reference standards in house. If we don't carry it, we'll source it for you and if no standard exists, we'll help you with the isolation and characterization.

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