Naturally derived agrochemical products, such as the organic pesticides abamectins, azadirachtins and spinosads, contain complex mixtures of active molecules. Therefore monitoring batch-to-batch consistency is essential to delivering a high-quality product. Planta Analytica can streamline your agrochemical analysis and profiling needs.  

Planta Analytica is not only the major global producer of high-quality reference standards for these products, but we’ve also developed high performance methods for agrochemical analysis and profiling. 

Another crucial element of the product life cycle that needs to be understood is the soil fate. We also provide reference standards and analytical support for degradation products. If you are looking for production and elucidation of the impurity profile, you can visit our Impurity Isolation page

Agrochemical Analysis and Profiling Highlights

Largest Library of In-Stock Reference Standards

As the leading producer of agrochemical reference standards, we have an exceptional selection of standards in stock to ensure fast turnaround times.

Quality Certification & Reporting

We provide comprehensive batch analysis reports that are supported with all the essential analytical data, methods, and calculations.

Fast Turnaround Time on Routine Analysis

Our average turnaround time on routine agrochemical analysis is five business days. Once we receive your sample, it is immediately assigned and handed off to one of our analytical experts.

Neem leaves and pulverized extract for isolation of azadirachtin reference standards for agrochemical profiling agrochemical analysis
Demanding Agrochemical Analysis of Metabolites and Impurities

High Resolution Methods For Agrochemical Analysis

As with other products produced from natural sources, organic pesticides have a complex organic matrix, making accurate analysis difficult. Work with our expert team to isolate and profile your target analytes. 

For example, products produced from neem comprise a complex mixture of 12 established neem limonoids, in addition to countless minor structurally similar compounds. Ensuring sufficient resolution between so many structurally similar components require extensive method development and optimization.

Our in-house agrochemical analysis methods have been proven over time to produce consistent and accurate data. 

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Spontaneous stereoselective oxidation of crystalline avermectin B1A to its C-8a hydroperoxide

Prolonged storage of technical abamectin as well as avermectin B1a samples yielded a previously unknown derivative, designated here as compound 1. Detailed NMR analysis and X-ray crystallography allowed us to determine the structure of this compound and revealed the presence of a hydroperoxide group (-OOH) attached stereoselectively with configuration S to the C-8a carbon. This surprising result involves the formation of the peroxide bond in solid crystalline avermectin B1a upon exposure to air with no involvement of light or recognized catalytic factors and is consistent with a topotactic mechanism for the oxidation reaction. Compound 1 is stable in the absence of reducing agents and has potential as a starting point in structural modification of the tetrahydrofuran ring of avermectin B1a. It could also serve as a marker in assessing the quality of stored technical abamectin. 

Agrochemical Reference Standards

Check out our most popular reference standards for your in house agrochemical analysis. Planta Analytica offers the largest in-stock library of standards on the market for naturally derived agrochemical products. 

If we don’t carry your required target compounds, send us an inquiry about our custom isolation services. 

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