Not long ago, potent immune modulators, including FK-506 (Tacrolimus®), rapamycin (Sirolimus®), anticancer taxol (Taxotere®), and antimalarial artemisinin, were developed into life-savings drugs. What these products have in common is that they are all derived from natural products. According to a study in the Journal of Natural Products, around 70% of all new drugs introduced in the United States in the past 25 years have been derived from natural products. What is even more exciting is that we have just scratched the surface. Natural products development is an excellent resource for new drugs. 

Tapping into the potential of natural products as a source of novel drug-leads isn’t easy. Let Planta Analytica assist you in developing a strategy for your natural product development, whether you are exploring your first leads or scaling your product for commercialization. 


Let Planta Analytica help you develop your idea into a product! We offer services to support you at various stages. Starting with early-stage natural product development, we help you determine your active components. If you’re further down the pipeline, our synthesis and purification method development services will propel your natural product idea into a reality!


Identification of Activity in Your Product

Gain information on the activity in your product through initial fractionations and bioassays. 

Isolation of Biologically Active Compounds

After determining your active compounds, scale up the isolation for characterization and initial biological studies.


Development of Manufacturing Process from Natural Source

Explore all viable sources for isolation of your API and develop a commercially viable manufacturing process. 

Develop Synthetic Pathway for Manufacturing

Develop synthetic and semi-synthetic strategies for production of your API. 


Profiling and Characterization of Product Impurities

Isolate and characterize all impurities for better control of your product and fulfill your regulatory requirements. 

Develop Analytical Methods for Quality Control

Develop robust analytical methods for qualification of your API and intermediaries.

Natural Product Development: Service Supplement

Bioactivity Study: Alkaloids from Eschscholzia californica and their capacity to Inhibit Binding

ABSTRACT: A 70% ethanol extract of California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) was able to bind to 5-HT(1A) and 5-HT(7) receptors at 100 mug/mL. The subsequent isolation procedure yielded the known alkaloids californidine (1), escholtzine (2), N-methyllaurotetanine (3), caryachine (4), and O-methylcaryachine (5), along with a new pavine alkaloid, 6S,12S-neocaryachine-7-O-methyl ether N-metho salt (7). The structure of 7 was determined by spectroscopic data interpretation, while the absolute stereochemistry was determined by means of circular dichroism. From the results obtained from the radioligand-binding assay of the pure compounds, including the commercially available protopine (6), it was evident that the activity on the 5-HT(1A) receptor was at least partly due to the presence of the aporphine alkaloid 3, which showed the highest inhibition of [(3)H]8-hydroxy-2-(di-N-propylamino)tetralin ([(3)H]8-OH-DPAT) binding with an EC(50) value of 155 nM and a K(i) of 85 nM.


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