Whether you are looking to adjust the flavor profile of a naturally derived flavor, improve the potency of a nutraceutical, or looking for the active components of a botanical source, exploratory natural products fractionation can give you insight. 

Depending on your application, we develop fractionation processes that help you attain your goal. We have developed a large basis of widely applicable methods for high-throughput screening (HTS) that are curated to a range of product types. We also provide a more personalized approach when developing natural products fractionation protocols for bioactivity-guided exploration. 

Exploratory fractionations are also a great basis for screening different technologies to adjust the formulation of your nutraceutical or naturally derived flavor product. Adjustments to how your samples are fractionated and the selectivity of your chosen solid phase can impart interesting variations on your product. 

Natural Products Fractionation SERVICE Highlights

We offer a variety of highly customizable approaches to exploratory natural products fractionation. Our team can support you with everything from in-house methods optimized for HTS to custom methods targeted to your specific product aims such as determination of synergistic compounds. 

Commercialization Support

Screening resins and exploring conditions for production of your targeted fractions, plus scale-up for manufacturing.

High-Resolution Resins

Fractionation of your extracts into 80 or 160 unique fractions, prepared and delivered in microtiter plates.

Food-Safe Processing

Specialized methods for fractionation using food-safe solvents and solid phases for sensory applications.

Bioactivity Guided

Bioassay and sensory guided fractionations to help narrow down and identify your active components.

Approaches to Biological Activity Targeted Fractionation

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