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Differentiate your nutraceutical product from the market with high quality analytics. Certifying your product using validated methods and high-quality reference standards can make all the difference, especially when the marketplace is flooded with low quality products,. Elevate your business using nutraceutical profiling and give yourself an edge in the market.

Our team of experts are here to help you with your product profiling and certification needs. For example, we offer services ranging from routine HPLC analysis using USP monographs to custom developed novel analytical methods. Additionally, if the reference standards aren’t available, or even established, we can produce high purity and well characterized standards that will satisfy all regulatory groups. 

Service Highlights

Collection of High Quality Reference Standards

Planta Analytica is one of the largest producers of reference standards. Our catalog is filled with unique and exclusive compounds. We have the most complete reference standards sets for a wide range of products. Additionally, being direct to consumer, we offer unbeatable prices.

Analytical Methods Developed by Experts

The experience gained during our purification campaigns helps us create better analytical methods for each product. Further, the in depth understanding of the material properties results in more robust analytical methods. Experience absolute trust in your data.

Fast Turnaround Time on Nutraceutical Profiling

Time is priceless. Therefore, we offer fast turnaround times for all analytical and services, so you aren't waiting on data. Once we receive your sample, its tagged and assigned to one of our analytical experts. Additionally, that person is your point of contact for any questions and after service support.

Examples of Nutraceutical Profiling Methods

Gravimetric Standardization by HPLC

One of the best methods to accurately profile the active ingredients in your nutraceutical product is through gravimetric standardization using HPLC analysis. In short, the concentration of your active ingredients is determined by comparing their concentration dependent detector response against a calibration curve prepared using reference standards. Most commonly UV detection is used, but mass spectrometry offers benefits when dealing with compounds with weak chromophores, or at low concentrations. 

Cocoa Planta Analytica Nutraceutical profiling hplc analysis

Colorimetric Standardization

Folin–Ciocalteu Assay

The Folin-Ciocalteu (Folin-C) assay is an effective means for determining total phenolic and poly-phenolic content. In effect, it presents phenolic content as a “Gallic Acid equivalent” (GAE) as assay uses gallic acid as the reference. 

Cinnamon Nutraceutical Profiling hplc analysis


4-(Dimethylamino) Cinnamaldehyde (DMAC) Assay is a validated method for determination of total soluble PACs (proanthocyanidins). For example, it’s well suited to profiling products like cranberries and related nutraceuticals. It also offers the benefit of being able to provide information on the relative quantities of A-type vs B-type bonds present in the PACs.

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ABSTRACT: Although procyanidins constitute a unique class of polymeric plant secondary metabolites with a variety of biological properties including potent antioxidant activity, structure determination has been challenging, and structures of many complex procyanidins remain uncertain. To expedite the characterization of procyanidins, negative ion matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization high-energy collision-induced dissociation tandem time-of-flight (MALDI-ToF/ToF) mass spectra of 20 isolated procyanidins containing catechin and epicatechin subunits with degrees of polymerization up to five were obtained and evaluated. Structurally significant fragmentation pathways of singly charged, deprotonated molecules were identified representing quinone methide, heterocyclic ring fission, and retro-Diels-Alder fragmentation. The interpretation of the tandem mass spectra for sequencing A-type, B-type, mixed-type, linear, and branched procyanidins is explained using specific examples of each. 

Nutraceutical Reference Standards

Check out our most popular nutraceutical reference standards. Planta Analytica offers a large in-stock library of standards on the market for a wide range of natural products for your profiling needs. 

We are the leading supplier of procyanidin reference standards. Moreover, our library includes reference standards for products like cocoa, cinnamon, cranberry, peanut skins, apple skins, and many more. 

However, if we don’t carry your required target compounds, send us an inquiry about our custom isolation services. 

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