Procyanidin A1 – CAS 103883-03-0


Procyanidins are proanthocyanidins formed from (+) catechin and (-) epicatechin. Procyanidins can be categorized into A-type and B-type, depending on the nature of the interflavan bonds. B-type procyanidins have a single interflavan bond. A-type procyanidins differentiate themselves from B-type procyanidins by containing a second interflavan bond between at least one set of subunits. The most common A-type procyanidins are A1 and A2. Procyanidin A1 (CAS 103883-03-0) is an epicatechin-(2β→O→7,4β→8)-catechin dimer. It is commonly isolated from peanut skins and cranberries.

Recent research indicates that Procyanidin A1 (CAS 103883-03-0) promotes the production of platelets to alleviate chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia.

You can find additional procyanidin reference standards here.

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(+)-Proanthocyanidin A2





Storage Temperature

Below -18 degrees C

Storage Conditions

Dry, freezer

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