Having high purity isolates of your active targets means that you can produce high quality data. Yet, anyone that has dealt with compound isolation understands the challenges. No matter the source, be it plant, fungal, or fermentation, resolving the complex natural matrices of secondary metabolites is a difficult task requiring experience and a wide variety of tools. We specialize in everything from small molecule isolations (100-1200 Daltons) up to peptides and proteins ranging up to 3000 Daltons. And with a quiver of tools including HPLC, CPC and a wide range of synthetic solid phases, we have exceptional capabilities for even the most difficult purifications.

Let us help you with your compound isolation and purification needs. With over 20 years’ experience and a proven platform, your isolation bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

Compound Isolation SERVICE Highlights

Our compound isolation services are suitable for both natural and synthetic products. Therefore, we can support a range of industries, including agrochemical, botanical, functional foods and flavors, and pharmaceutical. Planta Analytica has a proven track record of producing the highest quality isolates in the industry. Our expertise using a wide range of techniques outside of HPLC purification gives us unique capabilities to tackle challanging separations. 

Purity up to 99.9%

Certified purity with high quality analytics, such as HPLC-UV, MS, NMR, residual solvents, Karl-Fischer titration, and more!

Molecular Weight Range

Tailored to molecular weights between 100-3,000 Dalton and applicable to most classes or organic molecules.

Scale to Meet Demand

Whether you are looking for milligrams or kilograms, we can scale our processes to suit your needs.

Specializing in Difficult Cases

We are experts working with highly labile compounds, structural isomers, and extremes of polarity.


Planta Analytica’s compound isolation experience has been developed through a catalog of nearly 200 unique reference standards and hundreds of successfully completed projects. Our scientific team has spent over two decades perfecting methods for isolating a wide range of structurally diverse classes of compounds. 

As a research focused organization, each project is approached from a discovery mindset. Therefore, by exploring novel techniques, we continually improve the purity of the reference standards. Since we understand that innovation doesn’t come from doing the same process over and over, we encourage our scientists to explore new methods and unconventional isolation strategies. 

Only through constant innovation do we manage to stay at the cutting edge, expanding the world’s access to previously unexplored molecules.

Planta Analytica HPLC Lab Equipment - Compound isolation Impurity Isolation

Service Supplement

Structure Elucidation

Our team of structural elucidation experts can help you with resolving even the most challenging structures. If you’re looking for something as simple as confirming your structure or as difficult as elucidating a series of polymeric isomers, we offer high certainty and short lead times. 

All structural elucidation reports come backed with full analytical data. 


For an in-depth review of analytical services to support your small molecule isolation, please use the links below. To discuss your specific application, please use the ‘request service’ button at the top of this page. 

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