Synthetic resins which are present on the market are traditionally more utilized in industry than in research laboratories for exploratory projects, however, with continued advancements they are becoming a more regular tool. Increasingly often we are testing the potential of many adsorptive and ion-exchange resins for novel applications. As a result, the number of uses for synthetic resins in newly developed processes is on the steep rise. An advantage of synthetic resins results from unique selectivity, high capacity, as well as an ability to regenerate and re-use, which lowers the cost of a project.


Chromatographic resins offer high durability allowing for continued and repeated use. Their low initial cost and high reusability keeps overhead to a minimum.


There is a wide range of chromatographic resins in circulation. The more conventional resins emulate normal and reverse phase silica-based solid phases, while many exotic resins can be used for ion-exchange and size-selection based separations.

Industry Tested Application

When developing methods for industry, we try to implement technologies that have been tested. Resins have proven themselves for many years in industry, offering high through put, minimal maintenance, and great selectivity, maximizing yields.

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