Prep HPLC and High Performance Flash

Preparative HPLC still offers some of the best final step purification, allowing for levels of purity over 99%. Although the concept isn’t new, there has been a constant stream of innovation in the hardware and the separation media. New systems allow for the use of multiple detectors, high precision control over solvent gradients and high flowrates, which all contribute to greater selectivity and higher yields.

In addition to our prep HPLC systems, we have several high performance flash systems that can be used with multi-liter columns. These systems offer us great flexibility and the ability to process sample loads ranging from gram to several hundred grams.

We have several fully automated analytical HPLC systems with a multiple detection systems running to ensure we hit our target compounds. Using wide spectrum UV-Vis, ELSD, and mass spectrometry we can turn complex mixtures into organized data. However, even with the best detectors, without proper resolution of the peaks you have nothing, so to aid with this we have a quiver of analytical columns containing various silica and resin based solid phases.

In order to scale our methods, we have several preparative HPLC systems and columns accommodating from several milligrams to several grams of sample. The systems operate up to flowrates of 800 ml/min allowing truly high throughput processing.

In some cases, even multi-liter preparative columns aren’t big enough, in which case we rely on glass columns ranging between 5-25 liters to in order to process several hundred grams of material.

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