Our Team

Planta Analytica’s expertise stems from extensive experiences in both academia and industry. Our team of scientists comes from a wide collection of fields including chemistry, analytical sciences and process engineering among others. Each specialization contributes a unique set of skills to develop often non-conventional resolutions to non-standard chromatographic problems.

Through a tightly knit community, collaborative approaches to problems often lead to new and innovative results.

A key factor in keeping Planta Analytica on the forefront of separation technologies is to promote research into novel methods and experimentation using new technologies. By allowing flexibility in process development and research, we are able to constantly innovate and revise methods. These achievements can often be directly observed through our contributions to academia. To further natural products research and separation sciences, we regularly publish in various scientific journals as well as attend conferences.

The network of contributing members extends well beyond the walls of Planta Analytica. We collaborate with top specialists from academia and small startup companies in exciting ventures into uncharted territories of nutraceutical sciences. Through the combined efforts, we aim to resolve complex interdisciplinary problems in search of novel compounds that could eventually make it into the nutraceutical or pharmaceutical markets.

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