Small Molecule Isolation

Service Outline

  • High purity isolated compounds (reference grade)
  • Milligram to multi-gram orders
  • Isolation of highly-labile compounds
  • Q.C. including specialized analytical methods

Isolation of your target compound at high purity opens up a natural sequence of steps facilitating options for continued R&D leading to the final product. Firstly, it allows a detailed physicochemical characterization that positively confirms the identity and purity level allowing it to be used as a reference standard. This guarantees the quality of data from biological testing, and precursor for product synthesis. Through our service, not only will you get your target compounds with exceptionally high purity, but you'll get them sooner with less worry.

Expertise from Experience

After being in operation over 17 years in the business of separation sciences we have completed many complex research projects. Some, were documented in scientific publications. Satisfied customers and a catalogue of our own reference standards, offer confidence that we have developed an expansive knowledge for small molecule isolation. Compound isolation, purification, and fractionation in search of bioactivity have been our most sought after services. As a result, we have worked with countless compounds of both natural and synthetic origin.


Our expertise with a wide range of chromatographic tools allows us to isolate anywhere from milligrams to tens of grams of individual compounds. Often, we are called upon for the most demanding isolations with starting materials containing less than 0.1% of the target compound or in other cases, where the target compound is very difficult to be resolved even by analytical methods. We also have an ability to work with highly labile substances that are strongly affected by typical solid chromatographic stationary phases. In such cases, we often utilize one of our Centrifugal Partition Chromatographs in a suitable mode of operation.

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