Isolation and purification of small molecules from complex matricies

Do you have a set of compounds you are looking to isolate from a plant for biological testing, or are you looking to standardize a product?

Compound isolation and purification is our most often sought after service. Our expertise allows us to isolate anywhere from milligram to tens of grams of individual compounds from the complex mixtures which occur in various plants and fungi. We implement various technologies and separation media in order to maximize yield and get your product to you sooner. The isolated compounds are ensured a minimum standard purity of 95%, however our goal is for purity levels greater than 99%.

We are specialized in purification of highly labile substances. In extreme cases we manage the process starting with the initial processing of the plant and extraction to ensure quality in every step to maximize final yields.

Our expertise in compound isolation is backed up by our offering of unique reference standards for the botanical and nutraceutical markets. We are exclusively able to offer entire classes of compounds including and not limited to procydanidins, ganorderic acids, and glucosinolates. Between our catalogue and special orders, we offer over 100 reference standards.


  • High purity isolated compounds with minimum 95%
  • Catalogue of various exclusive compounds available for purchase
  • Entire classes of rare compounds
  • Q.C. performed using an array of analytical equipment
  • Milligram to multi-gram isolations
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