Isolation of low level impurities for products slanted for regulatory approval (e.g. registration of novel agrochemical agents).

The regulatory approval process requires the isolation and characterization of structures for all impurities exceeding 0.1% concentration in the technical material. Isolation of low-level impurities from complex matrices is a scientific art distinctively different from other isolation projects. We first practiced this by isolating minor natural products, which concentration can be measured in parts per million. With time, we have developed a systematic approach involving multiple types of chromatographic as well as non-chromatographic techniques. We pride ourselves in an ability to resolve and isolate any substance form complex mixture

Natural pesticides such as avermectins, emamectins, azadirachtins, and pyrethrins, contain molecules of high structural similarity. Being very similar, under many chromatographic conditions these molecules can be very difficult to differentiate or even notice by HPLC. It requires years of experimentation to develop effective separation techniques that offer efficiency as well as complementary selectivity to separate the molecules differing by tiny structural details. We have developed such approaches based either on novel separation materials, proprietary “tricks” and creative use of Centrifugal Partition Chromatography.

We take pride in isolating more Abamectin impurities than any other laboratory. In an instance of one of the most unexpected discoveries, for example, we discovered that the HPLC peak formed by the main constituent of Abamectin, namely avermectin B1a, was proven to comprise two other than B1a avermectin impurities. For one of these impurities we have not yet found resolving HPLC conditions.

Our expertise in compound isolation is backed up by our offering of unique reference standards for the botanical and nutraceutical markets. We are exclusively able to offer entire classes of compounds including and not limited to procydanidins, ganorderic acids, and glucosinolates. Between our catalogue and special orders, we offer over 100 reference standards.

Service Highlights

  • Isolate low level impurities <0.1%
  • Resolve and isolate the constituents of mixtures which co-elute in HPLC
  • Ability to isolate closely related synthetic products
  • Assistance in collecting all necessary documentation
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