Development of HPLC methods and scale-up for industrial production

Most often, methods used for laboratory scale purification do not scale-up well. Analytical and small scale processes often do not attain adequate yields, and experience escalating costs and falling efficiencies.

Bringing a compound to market requires the development of a process that can efficiently meet the demands. We work with our clients to identify the scale, constraints and requirements they have for a high volume process. Our method development starts with development of qualitative HPLC methods to be able to monitor yield and ensure purity. From here we are able to perform research using traditional and non-traditional chromatographic techniques with a high focus on reproducibility, yield and cost reduction. We focus on low impact and low temperature processes to minimize decomposition to even highly labile compounds.

(include environmental symbol) With the ever growing awareness of our impact on the planet, we strive to make sure our processes minimize their negative impact on the environment. To be able to minimize the environmental footprint of our processes, we focus on reduction of solvent use, reusable solid phases, and minimization of energy use. Through the use of new solid phases we are able to maximize selectivity reducing processing time and solvent use.

Service Highlights

  • Method development for industry scale operation
  • Optimized of cost to yield
  • Environmentally focused
  • Minimize initial investment and operating costs
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