Development of HPLC Methods and Scaling-Up for Industrial Production

You’ve already invested so much in R&D into your product but now you need to move to production. We can help you scale your existing process to meet market demands or develop a process from the ground up.

What do we look for in a process?

Simplicity !

The less steps a process involves, the smaller the chance for errors in the production line. It is also possible that we will be able to find money-savings short cut to your process. And, importantly, is to ensure reproducibility of the process

Cost Effective Economy

We try to refine every process to the simplest operations and implement the lowest cost technologies to maximize your margins.

Environmentally Friendly

Coming from the natural products industry, we understand the importance of ensuring the conservation of our ecosystems. We aim to protect it with processes that are the greenest and have the smallest footprint possible.

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