Consultation on Natural Product Isolation and Development

Service Outline

  • Full service package for development of natural product
  • Targeting and determination of active components
  • Isolation of active components for biological testing
  • Structural elucidation of active components
  • Determination of best approach to bring product to market
  • Conduct necessary testing

Not long ago, natural potent immune modulators such as FK-506 (Tacrolimus®) and rapamycin (Sirolimus®), anticancer taxol (Taxotere®), and antimalarial artemisinin were developed into important life-savings drugs. Based on the historical accomplishments, we are certain the search for biologically active components from botanical sources will continue in future. Plants and microbes will reveal substances with potential to become new block busters in important disease categories. Aside from pure individual natural products the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly interested in a potential to produce highly standardized natural extracts that have been supported by clinical studies. This is not a brand-new approach; in Europe standardized herbal extracts have a long tradition. The dietary supplement market has also been advancing fast on the trend of the health-related benefits associated with edible plants and herbs. In response, we have a booming market for “functional foods” – products, with enriched content of beneficial components. In every case involving natural products, processing of plant extracts requires experience and skills that we can offer to our clients, enabling them to solve their problems faster and more efficiently. Every product derived from natural sources requires the processing of the plant material to either produce highly controlled fractions or purified compounds during the R&D and the production stages. Over the years, we have garnered expertise in a full-scale product development. We can help you:

Identification of Activity in Your Botanical Source

Before getting involved, some basic exploratory experiments can help verify the biological activity for the components in your botanical source.

Isolation of Active Components for Identification and Biological Testing

Once the targets are verified, the compounds must be isolated and identified. Suitable quantities must be isolated of each target to facilitate elucidation and biological testing.

Determination of Product’s to Market Feasibility

With all the experimental data available on the target, market research can be performed to determine return on investment and market potential for the product.

Develop Scale-up Methods for Market Demands

Once everything is green-lit, scale-up method development can begin to move the product to market.

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