Planta Analytica was founded in 1999 to fill a void which had overtaken the pharmaceutical market since the 1980s. Big pharmaceutical companies abandoned natural products research in favor of High Throughput Screening which promised high efficiency in developing target specific molecules, however the reality has proven much the opposite. We understood that natural products research still offered enormously untapped potential for the discovery of new biologically active components. Our ideology is that if nature has been adapting its biological processes since plants came into existence, it has with absolute certainty already made the compounds we need. We just need to start asking the right questions…

Over the years, be it through the projects which we perform for clients, or our own research, we are pushing forward with this ideology. We are using our expertise in chromatographic and seperatory sciences to delve into natural products that historically had medical application, foods specific to various cultures and new synthetic and biologically derived components that are sculpting the world around us.

Since our beginnings, our business has grown to accommodate a wider scope of projects across different industries. We provide impurity isolation services for agrochemical markets, compound standardization services for the food industry, and we have greatly expanded our research in the natural products and nutraceutical industry.

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